Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kelsien ? Kalnciens..more thoughts now. Reference to Ķīši also found

I've been looking at the maps again trying to locate "Kelsien" and I still feel Kalnciems might be a possible location for the camp where the British POWs were held from February 1917.

Kalnciems is located at the expected distance from Mitau ( it took the men a day to walk along the frozen River Aa (Lielupe)

The location near swamps/ lakes.

Close enough to the front line and the trenches (Machine gun hill the site of the Christmas battles)

Another location "Kisi" is mentioned in some reports  There is a town called Kisi near Jelgava.

I am really keen to find out more about the  Christmas Battles and the role of the Latvian Riflemen. There were huge numbers of casualties and I wonder if the "Russian" prisoners mentioned during the Debriefing reports were captured during these battles. There are so many websites it might take a while to find out.